Friday, November 16, 2018
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Mount Bromo Sunrise Indonesia

Experiencing a sunrise here’s quite popular, followed with a climb at the lip of the crater. The views are magnificent, but you’ll wind up fighting the crowds every step along the way. We took a 4WD Jeep out of Cemoro Lawang round the base of the volcano into the base, where we climbed to the top of sunrise. The sun rising up over the surrounding landscape was beautiful and something which made time stand still for us. We were able to really watch and revel in it since the crater was really located outside the sunrise lit area.

It had been a solid hour before we were able to get decent pictures of the view. After the sunrise along with also a photo sessionwe headed down into the base and our jeep brought us immediately into the region of the crater. We were dropped off back a ways from the temple and although there were cute ponies available we decided to do a walk. Which turned out to be one hell of a good workout following the past couple days we’d been through. Reaching the base of the crater wasn’t too challenging, as it was a flat land and despite the small amount of dust being kicked up we were in pretty substantial spirits about our visit.

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The tricky part came whenever we realized that we did not get to start climbing steps. We’d first climb to half the crater, THEN we’d scale the 250 steps to the lip of the crater. We were standing on the rim of the crater, looking down into a sleeping volcano. The smoke swirled and puffed from the center while all of us lined up from the railing to take everything in. It is not every day that you could stare straight in the face of an active volcano and live to tell about it. We lingered for some time, got bold and climbed beyond the part where there was a railway, then we slowly made our way down.

From the time we came to the end of their the staircase, the dust was so thick you can see those around you. The influx of horses and people had stirred up enough dust to make a desert sand storm. Making our way down and over to the find the jeep was a process that is slow. After coming back in Cemoro Lawang, I was finally tempted to change my clothes. We had just one hour before we’d round back ourselves to a van and start a 12 hour cross country excursion across more of Java into Yogyakarta. A change of clothes along with a rigid coffee was in order. At all we were saying our last goodbyes to Cemoro Lawang, Mount Bromo Sunrise and heading down the mountainside into our garments, and in almost no time at all at all we were saying our last goodbyes to Cemoro Lawang, Mount Bromo and heading down the mountainside to our adventure.