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The Ceremony of Tanah Lot Temple – Bali, Indonesia

The Ceremony of Tanah Lot Temple is held every 210 days and by the Balinese calendar, the anniversary of the Tanah Lot temple is held on the Budkir Wage Langkir, four times following Kuningan Day. Before entering the temple, the prayers should first pray at BejiKaler, BejiKaler is a sacred spring that is located just beneath the Tanah Lot temple, even before the prayers go to the main temple they need to pray in advance here and drink the holy water of the spring to be able their spirits to be cleaned and sanctified before entering and praying in the main temple.


Throughout the ritual in Tanah Lot temple, Balinese men and women would come to pray, and even a number of them also come from several regions in Indonesia. The festival will take place 3 times. Tanah Lot Holy Snakes & The Mythology. The uniqueness of Tanah Lot followed closely by neighborhood mythology associated with the sacred snakes, the holy snakes of Tanah Lot are believed to be the savior of the danger of crime and harm. The scientific name of this serpent is BungarusCandidus, extremely venomous sea serpent which has a color like white and black curved rings on the human body.

This sacred serpent is said to be the savior of Tanah Lot temple; this serpent will attack people who’d harm Tanah Lot temple. However, this serpent remains docile and quiet when in a cave on the edge of the stones. Each visitor can also touch this serpent without having to worry counterattack of the serpent and naturally we’ll be accompanied by somebody who knows the nature of the snake. Another belief that adds elements to the mythical of the sacred serpent of Tanah Lot is by touching it while praying then what we will come true, a mythology dependent we believe it or not.

Tanah Lot is a famous traveler destination in the world, and it is among the best attractions in Bali island, daily Tanah Lot visited by thousands of visitors both domestic and foreign tourists. Very recommended and the optimum time to visit Tanah Lot is when the sunset time is starting at about 4.00 PM until 7.00 PM. For all those that love photography, currently is the gold hour or magic hour and if the weather is right, we could capture a beautiful sunset and enjoy unforgettable magnificent and astonishing sundown sight. Visitors can stay close and walk beside the temple when low tide, but it is not recommended and too hazardous when high tide. Tanah Lot is very convenient to function as, and there are adequate facilities like hotels, restaurants, whirlpool terrace, Tanah Lot cultural park, art shops, parking space, crisis facilities, safety facilities, toilets, rest area, and information center. The Tanah Lot information can be available in all Bali travel guidebooks or online listings, and to achieve this attraction is extremely easy.